One dogs contem....contemp....con-tem..pla-tions on daily life........oh, stop rolling your eyes already and give me break, I'm a dog, for Gods sakes...

So I'm trying to do this photo shoot........

So I'm like trying to do this photo shoot but Mary won't get out of the frame.......... 

I mean, like I dropped a few hints like "Get the hell out of the frame Mary" 

You can see where I'm geting like "Dude I need new friends" and everything

So, finally, I just left

Mary looking the wrong way, of course

what the hell is that

Is that an its like, reddish...what is that..I thinks one of those things it not that...what the hell is that? 

Me, yelling at Mary

So, like, some fans see in this like park, okay and they go all crazy about seeing me and want to touch me and stuff, so I go, okay because I realize the effect on have on people, and like Mary pulls that rope thing and I go "Hey Dude! Stop it man!"

I dunno, maybe I should drink less coffee